Holistic space planning
+ sustainable interior
design since 2005

I’m here to help you
fall in love with the home
you already have.

Through my experience with interior architectural space planning and design, I will help you discover the potential hidden in your home — no matter how cramped, outdated, or non-functional it may feel right now.

I’m passionate about designing spaces that inspire comfort, relaxation, and ease— whether that’s by connecting interiors with the outside world, introducing natural light and interesting textures, or uncovering beautiful solutions to stow away clutter and make life flow easier.

space planning

What makes space planning different from interior decorating?

While an interior decorator can change the aesthetics of a room – my holistic space planning approach enhances the entire function and flow of your home, from the inside out.

With my approach to space planning, we will deconstruct your space – whether it’s a room or the whole house – assess your needs and then reconfigure everything to maximize beauty, flow and function. I think of it as “interior architecture” – using my design acumen to address your needs, whether it’s a new floor plan, altering or expanding rooms, shifting walls or so much more.

With a combination of values-driven creative thinking, collaborative planning, and an emphasis on sustainability, I can help transform any space into the sanctuary you crave.

I don’t believe in a magic design bullet or quick fixes. What I do believe in is listening, learning, and encouraging you to dream big — so we can finally uncover the solution you’ve spent so much time searching for.

Designed for wellness.
Built for a lifetime.

While I’ve been working in interior design and space planning since 2005, prior to providing creative solutions to homes, I worked in the wellness industry as a massage therapist.

My background in wellness has helped me understand the importance of our environment to our wellbeing — a reminder I bring to my daily design work.

If we don’t love our home, it creates additional stress and dis-ease on our bodies and minds — and beyond that, making big changes can also have a major impact on the planet.

That’s why I wholeheartedly believe that beautiful, modern spaces can and should balance great design with sustainable options.

My priority is to identify creative ways to achieve the desired look and feel while prioritizing the use of locally-sourced, sustainably-made, cruelty-free products and resources.

After all, when we take inspiration from the world around us in a sustainable way, it makes our bodies and our world healthier. It’s a win-win.

We had never used a designer on our prior projects, only architects we knew and trusted. Given our experience working with Melinda, we will always use a designer (and hopefully it will be Melinda) for any future projects. A great way to get terrific results with minimal stress. And that’s the name of the game in our minds.

– John & Margaret Anthony




Let’s envision a home you love.

Through my empathy-driven design discovery process, we’ll explore options and ideas for your space tailored to your needs and values.


I put my hard hat on while you put your feet up.

After our collaborative discovery process, leave the hard work in the capable hands of me and my team. You can trust me to go to bat with contractors for you, and create a space more beautiful than you can imagine.


Step into your new, sustainable sanctuary.

With locally sourced, environmentally-friendly, and cruelty-free materials and design elements, your new space will be a dream for humans, pets, and the planet alike.