About Melinda

Every home tells a story… and it’s the story of the person who lives there. My work is about giving your home a new meaning, a new feeling, a new story. To me, design is another language we use to express ourselves, and my goal is to design homes that bring my clients joy, and gives them a sense of  “this space is me, this is who I am.”

I don’t believe in a magic design bullet. What I do believe in is listening respectfully. Dreaming big. Seeing possibility. Inspiring authenticity. And ultimately capturing the spirit of your home.

I design homes that resonate with us… homes that sing.

My Dreams

I spend a lot of time talking to clients about dreaming, dreaming about possibility. Together we go on a journey to dream bigger about their home, and consider “what if” before “we can’t.” So I think it’s only fair that I share my own dreams.

There are so many different design styles I love, which makes it hard to pick just one. Ideally I would have several different homes that fulfill my love of design. Because hey…my motto is ‘a girl can always dream!’ So what would my different homes look like?

  • A rambling ranch house. Away from the big city, where I can be near and hear nature (and my own thoughts). A place where I can see the black sky dotted with stars. A home that is a little more traditional. With eclectic touches. Full of pieces that have meaning. Rich with history. Telling of family times and ties.
  • The other extreme… an ocean-side home. All about the view (because what can compete with that?). A palette that is clean and neutral. Colors that reflect what I see when I step outside my door: sand, sky, water, and the ever-changing impact of light on my world.
  • And then… a prefab home. Maybe you’ve seen some of the prefab homes from Dwell? This would the home that challenges me to think about what I really need vs. want. The home where there are no distractions from clutter or the act of caring/cleaning a home. Efficiency at its maximum!

My Passion

I grew up on a small farm in Moscow, Idaho where we had 4 dogs, numerous cats and chickens, a horse, and a bull named Mikey. Our doors were ever revolving with additional dogs and cats that people abandoned, which we, of course, rescued. If I had the chance to save every animal—dog, cat, horse, cow, chicken—I’d be happy, but since I can’t, I volunteer at a local pet rescue shelter. And secretly, I have a calling to contribute back to the animal world, and someday I would love to give one of these shelters a fabulous makeover.


Melinda Slater

Melinda Slater - Interior Designer
Melinda Slater and her dog Quinn

Mill Creek Residence with Melinda Slater

  • Initially, Melinda took the time to know us personally and our design tastes. She’s a great listener, on time and on budget, and loves the creative process.

    Al & Chris Massena
  • We had never used a designer on our prior projects, only architects we knew and trusted. Given our experience working with Melinda, we will always use a designer (and hopefully it will be Melinda) for any future projects. A great way to get terrific results with minimal stress. And that’s the name of the game in our minds.

    John & Margaret Anthony
  • By hiring Slater Interiors, Melinda took us outside of the box. We trusted Melinda’s vision, and the outcome is fantastic. She truly captured our mission and “personality” as a company and it shows in subtle but powerful ways throughout the space. Her use of color, art, and functional design inspire our employees and delight our clients.

    Jack Showalter CEO of Entirenet
  • We dreamed about what would be ideal for our unique practice style, our wonderful patients and our future growth. Melinda came up with a beautiful and functional space for us, a space that felt energetic, flowed efficiently and would accommodate our future needs. We couldn’t be more lucky or excited to move in!

    Annie Chiropractor Office