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Have you ever wondered what it takes to create an award winning space? Our spa-like 15-ft.-long by 6-ft.-wide bathroom that recently won first place in the bathroom category and won People’s Choice Award at the Master Builders of King County REX Awards is being featured on Kitchen and Bath Business!

The article details how we started with the dreaming process, then adjusted that to meet the clients budget constraints — reverse of how most interior designers work. The result was a very chic, spa experience that met both our client’s dreams and budget!

Read an excerpt of the article below:

Almost all designs come with the same challenge: meeting the budget. What designer Melinda Slater of Bothell, Wash.-based Slater Interiors did instead was to take this constraint and turn it into a creative outlet.

Breaking the Bonds
“We learned early on in the process that they did not want to be constrained by a budget,” she explained. “While a budget was important in the end, they wanted to dream about the possibilities of their budget and arrive at that very chic, spa experience at the end of construction.”

According to Slater, this made her realize how important it is as an interior designer to bring her clients the most creatively designed project as possible. Without that result, the client may always wonder about the possibilities or have regrets that they weren’t shown what was truly possible in their space.

“In the end, there was a dollar limit on which the client wanted to spend, but now, through that dreaming process, they could decide what was the core of the project and where we could value engineer,” she said. “We saved most of our money on the flooring, the shower tile and the decorative tile. Other than that, everything else was key to the project and had to stay.”

She began by having the couple each create their own Houzz ideabooks. At first, the wife had very traditional, beach-themed images with painted cabinetry, and the husband had modern images with natural elements. After some discussion, both clients were completely on board with a more natural, updated look. In addition, Slater asked…”

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