Behind the Scenes @ Slater Interiors

Things are buzzing in the office, but our house is also abuzz with construction projects. My projects are no different than my clients, in that there is always something that throws us a curve ball, we spend more than we wanted, and getting trades in isn’t always easy. So I thought I’d share a little bit about what I’m doing in my own house so you can see the life in the day of a designer in her own home!

It all started with a benign removal of some ugly wallpaper in a guest bedroom, which resulted in installing ¼” wallboard on all of the walls and removing the god-awful overly textured ceiling. That’s an entire project in and of itself in our house because ALL of our ceilings and walls are textured. I hate it with a passion and it’s not an easy or inexpensive fix. So one room down, and 1500 more square feet to go? Wallpaper is gone, doors are gone and being replaced with white doors, and the window is being replaced, no more grid. I’ll post photos when the doors are trim are done. It’s quite the transformation and makes me SO happy to have smooth walls.

And our 2nd project, somewhere along the way during the remodel of the guest bath, a conversation about the vanity in the overly outdated, 1980’s master bathroom got started, and the next thing you know my husband texts me a picture of the bathroom with no vanity?! Yes, I did say we would need to remove the vanity to see what’s going on with the plumbing, but I didn’t mean that very moment? So now we are in the midst of a master bath remodel. My bad I don’t have a horrible before picture of the ugliest room in our home. But image a wallpaper kind of like this but uglier. And imagine an oak vanity with blue laminate, not to mention the light fixture.

So stay tuned because construction starts the end of June and by July we should have some fabulous before and after photos!