Design Decisions – Baby Step The Process

Welcome to the 2nd installment on my Blog! I have to be honest, every time I sit down to write for my blog or Facebook page, I become immobilized and my brain freezes, even if  only for a moment…and I think what if I don’t have anything to say? And then I remember three things 1) there’s never a shortage of information or ideas to share…silly! 2) I have lots of friends/supporters who help remind me that I do have something to say and help spur some ideas and 3) little baby steps are the solution to my moments of a “deer in the headlights”.

I’m sure many of you can relate to these moments when it comes to remodeling or refurnishing our homes. Everyone wants to have the perfect house that truly expresses who they are, what they love, a space to walk into and become grounded again, a space we are proud to bring our friends and family.  But where does one start? The possibilities are endless and expansive and what if we choose something, only to realize it’s not really what we wanted or doesn’t work with our current furnishings, we’ve just wasted money.

Remember…baby steps! Maybe it’s buying that one piece of artwork or rug that has the colors you love that could be your jumping off point and inspires you in a particular direction. (for some local fabulous rug ideas go to

Or go ahead, buy that once piece of furniture that every time you see it you just know you have to have it. Trust your instincts! If it’s something you keep coming back to or dream about, most likely you won’t go wrong. So buy it, bring it home, start now! Maybe it’s just changing the paint color in your home that makes you feel better about your space. Colors and lighting are key with respect to how you feel about a space and they both play off of each other. Too much light can wash out the colors. Too little light can dull colors. Or the colors in your furnishings aren’t showing themselves because of the incorrect color on the walls.

Here’s a great example from my own experience. The picture on the left is from a magazine and I knew these were the style chairs I wanted. The middle picture are the chairs I found at an antique store in France so I purchased and had them shipped. And the last picture are the same chairs reupholstered in a burnt red mohair fabric, which I also insisted on having.

Still not able to mobilize? This is where an experienced interior designer can help you come up with a plan and propel you forward. Sure it costs money up front, but it will save you money in the long run, guaranteed! A designer can help you make the right decision the first time, assist in creating a realistic budget, and keep you focused on the long term goal.