I love the holidays and while our family has stopped doing much gift giving, I still find myself picking up items here and there be it for a client, a hostess gift for one of those holiday parties, or a little something for one of my friends. This is my Top 12 list for 2018…

  1. Thymes Frasier Fir scented anything…candle, room spray, hand soap, dish soap, car scent. This is the most natural scent not too over powering but makes it smell like the outdoors. http://www.thymes.com/Fragrances/Frasier-Fir/

  2. Feeling is believing. You have to get a pair or three of Nordstrom Butter socks. Believe me everyone LOVES these and you can’t find them any other time than now. Give with some hand or foot lotion. https://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/nordstrom-butter-pattern-crew-socks-3-for-25/3527048

  3. Olive tree for the outdoorsy type—go to Ravenna Gardens in University Village

  4. Homemade treat served on a small decorative plate for the holidays or a Pottery mug or dish found at a craft fair I buy these throughout the year for just this occasion

  5. Lip Balm From www.karigran.com locally made and all naturale! https://karigran.com/collections/lip-whip

  6. For the family I’m loving the game by Dave Matthews Band..Chicapig https://chickapig.com/

  7. Insulated wine mug or thermos. Lots of fun designs. This is my favorite…https://www.amazon.com/Simple-Modern-Spirit-Tumbler-Glasses/dp/B07BLMQZFK

  8. Box of goodies: fresh fruit, locally grown nuts and a bar of chocolate

  9. Coffee table book or cookbook. OnePan Two Plates by Carla Snyder is my latest fave. https://www.amazon.com/One-Pan-Two-Plates-Weeknight/dp/1452106703. Sure you can get it on Amazon but why not support a local bookstore like Island Books on Mercer Island, ThirdPlace Books in Ravenna or Lake Forest Park. And they have a new one out for vegetarians!

  10. Glasses from www.northdrinkware.com with Mt. Rainer or Mt. Hood in the bottom of the glass. Check it out…so cool.

  11. BBQ paddle to scrape down the grill, no more wore bristles in your food and give withsomenlocally made salt rubs! It’s called the Grate Scrape at www.Thegrommet.comyou can even get them monogrammed.

  12. Don’t forget a special cookie for the pupsters or kittie: specialty cookie, catnip, or toy. I love Mud Bay Granary, All The Best and Paddywack in Mill Creek