Finn Hill master Remodel

This project began with the clients having a really clear picture of what they wanted their dated bathroom to look and feel like: beautiful, spa-like, light and airy. Throughout the process, they were very specific in their likes/dislikes and were adamant about staying true to that dream.

As with most projects, there are compromises to be had, be it due to budget constraints, unforeseen circumstances, or just the reality of timing. We tackled all three of those issues! In the end, we still hit all of the dream buttons. They got their herringbone pattern on the floor, which gives the room another level of piece de resistance. With the sharply angled ceiling in the space, we wanted to utilize that wall as much as possible to give the bathroom some weight so we chose oversized mirrors and large sconces. And the shower with no niche gives such a clean and uncluttered feel. The tub, shower, and toilet were on a raised platform (no one knows why) and there were some leaking and rot issues to contend with, hence the remodel. Areas that the client did not waiver on were the gold finishes and white countertop. Gold finishes are really hard to match as we all found out as selections were being made but I think we pulled that off quite nicely. And in the middle of construction, they had a major water disaster in their kitchen and had to have all new wood floors installed, which really forced us to rethink our natural quartzite countertop and go with a white quartz instead. I don’t think it had a negative impact in the long run, but it certainly was a difficult decision to let go of. This is one area where having a designer on your side can be so beneficial; when dreams and decisions have to change and clients worry that it will negatively impact the final overall look, I’m there to reassure that we are still on the path we started on, and the dream will persevere!  In the end, I wouldn’t change a thing about any of the selections and I’m confident the client feels the same. They were a delight to work with, handled the mishaps and upsets beautifully and can now rest easy in their beautiful new bathroom.

Thank you Jon & Cynthia and Eastside Home Improvement!