Keeping it Current: 10 Ideas to Refresh your Home

As an interior designer I’ve seen the trends come and go, and come back again. And each new client I work with asks the question: ‘if I choose “X” will it be out of style in 2 years?’. Sometimes we’re so concerned with being too trendy that we become paralyzed and don’t do anything.
Here are 10 things you can do this summer or this year to enliven your space. It’s not so much about following the trend as it is keeping your house current and fresh!

1. Install a new kitchen or bathroom faucet.

2. Add or update your window treatments. Instead of those awful metal blinds look at installing a natural woven blind or the new duet shades that have a sheer built in to allow the light in but still provide privacy.

3. Remove the old wallpaper and think about adding new wallpaper. Yes I said it…wallpaper! Clients cringe at wallpaper but it’s probably because what you have is extremely outdated and I’ll just say it…ugly! There are so many beautiful wallpapers to choose from that give your room an added pizazz (stay tuned for my blog on wallpapers in the coming weeks).

4. Change out cabinet hardware. Change the style or the finish. Mixed finishes are in right now so use that as permission to mix it up!

5. Change your baseboard trim out for something a bit larger and less detailed. Or if you have stained trim throughout your home, sand it down and paint it.

6. Install a new light fixture in your bedroom. Many homes have the awful builder grade, cheap light fixtures. Hang a pretty chandelier in the bedroom, or purchase nice bedside reading lights.

7. Install a gas fireplace to replace your wood-burning fireplace. You’ll be able to use it year round and when we have those chilly summer mornings but you refuse to turn the heat on, you can flip a switch, take the chill off and not spend a ton of money to heat every room.

8. Move your artwork around, or buy some new artwork. Changing things doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it, take it down and put it in another room or store it for a year. Change it up.

9. Buy some new accessories to display on your coffee table or mantel.

10. Install a closet system to maximize space in your closet and make it pretty and functional.

My challenge to you is this: What one project will you complete this summer or this year to give you a new perspective on how you feel about your home? I’d love to hear from you over the next few months and see what you’re up to.

For me I’m going to remove the UGLY wallpaper from my spare bedroom, put up some new pretty wallpaper along with a fresh paint color and install a new light fixture. I’m coming clean, this room has been like this since before I moved in in 1999! See, even a designer’s home projects get put on the backburner. There’s always something to do. Stay tuned for my progress.