My trip to the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas

I just spent 3 days at the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas. I try to attend the show each year to hear some great speakers as well as keep up on the latest and greatest related to all things kitchen and bath. Following are a few of my observations and takeaways.

My opinion on trends and incorporating them into your home… I think you have to take them with a grain of salt. It’s often a love/hate thing. For example, I keep hearing white cabinetry is passé, but if it’s right for you and your home, it’s right for you. Who cares if it’s supposedly on the ‘decline’? It’s still beautiful. Neither myself nor any realtor out there can predict who and what your next buyer will love or hate. So, design for YOU, period! That said, consider how willing you are to spend money now knowing that you may quickly grow tired of your selection and have to turn around and spend more money to change it out in a few years. Are you going to be selling in the next 3-5 years? Maybe changing everything over to rose gold finish isn’t the best way to spend your money.

When working with clients, I take the time to review your needs, wants and budget and then plot our course for when, where, and how to spend money. I’m always up for doing something more fun, funky and trendy if my client is game. I also loathe doing the same look over and over again. I’m not a cookie cutter designer and I don’t like copying what’s been done in a magazine. I may incorporate something I’ve seen, but it will always be with a bit of a twist and different take. I’m a creative and I always want to be creating and trying new things. If that sounds appealing you, then we should talk!

OK…now on to all the goodies I encountered on my trip!


Brushed nickel continues its reign; on the decline is oil rubbed bronze. Two finishes gaining in popularity: brass (not the shiny, gaudy brass from way back) and matte black. Both brass and matte black have been on the rise for a few years now and I’ve incorporated it on several of my projects and think it’s here to stick around. Many manufacturers are just now introducing this finish into their lineup, which is great because just a few years ago it was hard to find a matching/comparable finish in lighting, hardware, and mirrors. Not so much now! This is a beautiful patina brass some darker and antiqued and others a bit more yellow/gold tone. This gold finish looks stunning on a deep blue or white cabinetry. Additionally, I saw quite a few manufacturers bringing in rose gold and copper tones, although these might be more short-lived? However, this is where mixing vs. matching finishes can be stunning. For example, a black backplate on door hardware and a gold or chrome finish on the handle. Incorporate a rose gold or copper kitchen faucet and choose lighting in a black or chrome finish.



Stainless steel still reigns supreme but could take a back seat to white? Who knows. Again, this isn’t your grandmother’s white appliances. Miele started the trend and you will start to see more manufacturers bringing white into their lineup. Darker carbon and black appliances are taking a back seat. But again, if you’re doing something very modern and moody, black appliances and cabinetry just might be the right thing for you.

You will also start to see A LOT of combi steam/convection ovens. Steam is a great, healthy way to cook and reheat food. The microwave just obliterates any food quality and overcooks it! Yuck. Steam, on the other hand, regenerates the food and tastes as good as the night it was cooked. It’s also a great way to sterilize your sponges, canning jars, etc. Consider that in place of one of your double ovens. While microwaves may not go anywhere soon, they don’t have to be as large because you’re only using them to reheat a beverage or microwave popcorn. And for the record, stovetop popcorn is way better anyway! A steam oven is definitely on my list of wants.



While the kitchen and bath show isn’t the place to find a ton of tile, there were a few standouts. Wood grain tile look is still popular but it’s waning a bit and still seeing it mixed in with more plain porcelain for a patterned wood tile look. Glass mosaics continue in popularity but more people are opting for a much cleaner look and not seeing so much of a contrasting tile in the shower. Terrazzo is also very popular and beautiful. I just might do this in our master bath…hmmm. Take a look at Ann Sacks (FIND THE NAME), a couple of other manufacturers, too.



Neutral tones are still popular but you are starting to see a resurgence in painted colors. Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s new color palette. Medallion cabinetry had a beautiful display of a red/orange toned cabinet, along with jewel-toned green and darker blues/grays. Many people are opting for two-toned cabinetry be it stained and painted, stained and a textured laminate, or laminate and wood. In fact, there is a new HP Laminate that has a gorgeous matte look and silky smooth feel. I’m going to be encouraging a few of my clients to consider this option as well.



The Pantone color of the year is coral and because this is so new, there were only a couple of vendors showing this off this color. It takes awhile for the kitchen and bath industry to track color trends likes this and it can be a fleeting moment anyway. I do love this color and think it’s beautifully brought in as an accent. Think about some rose gold mixed with this Pantone color and then accent with an antiqued pewter or black!

Other colors that I saw a lot of were emerald green (yummm!), dark blues, blush pink, burgundy, and lavender.



Amazon Alexa and Google Home Mini have been trending in the home for a few years now and technology is being paired with a lot of kitchen and bathroom products. For example, you can pair your appliances and ask your oven to begin pre-heating or tell your shower to start the water and warm it up before you get in. Additionally, you can pair it with your door entry/locking system, lighting, etc.

I’ll be honest, I have not incorporated Alexa or Google into my home and kind of on the fence. I know many people use it constantly, I’m just not sure either of them belongs in my home just yet. I’m already annoyed by googling things on the internet and next thing you know they’re popping up in my FB feed. I don’t like being watched but know it may be out of my control. What are your thoughts and pros/cons of having Alexa in your life?