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Kenmore Master Bath


They began thinking about their master bathroom remodel upon purchasing their home 8 years ago.


They adore their new bathroom that is now a modern, warm and glamorous retreat with hints of drama. They now have an environment that provides luxury in the comfort of their home.

  • We began thinking about our master bathroom remodel when we purchased our home almost 8 years ago. It was dated, with carpeted floors, almond tile, cheap brass fixtures, and an elevated drop-in tub. It was a room that made us cringe and we needed a major transformation!

    We began to design our bathroom on our own. As we looked through Houzz, Pinterest, and other resources, we formed an idea of what we wanted – a modern, warm, glamorous, spa-like retreat with hints of drama. That was a tall order but we knew what we wanted. We began designing our bathroom on our own. We must have gone through 6 iterations and looked at hundreds of different finishes and fixtures, and the more we ‘designed’ the more we felt it wasn’t what we wanted. We couldn’t commit to such a bold transformation on our own. We needed help!

    Hiring Slater Interiors was hands down the best decision we made in our remodel. Melinda listened to us, to understand our vision and how we use the space day-to-day. She presented us with combinations of materials and worked with us to mix and match them to align with what we liked. She helped us understand how the materials would work together to create warmth, drama, and flow. She helped us understand the pros and cons of materials, how we would optimize the space for daily use, where light switches should be placed…just to name a few. As we moved into the construction phase Melinda supported us in making critical detailed decisions, finding creative ways to work around building constraints, ensuring our vision was not compromised. Working with Slater Interiors was a smooth process that provided us the confidence to make our bold transformation a reality.

    We absolutely love our bathroom! It’s everything we wanted. It’s modern, warm, and glamorous, it’s a spa-like retreat with hints of drama. It is an environment that provides luxury in the comfort of our home.

    John & Cynthia