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Mercer Island Remodel


My client had been widowed for several years and it was time to downsize from a 4000 SF home to a 1200 SF condo. While she loved the new location, the kitchen was too traditional for her tastes along with lack of storage. The master bathroom was uninspiring and the closet was open to the master bedroom, which was an eyesore. With an eye for artwork and lack of fear in using color, we set out to create a home that was unique to her and would bring her joy every time she came home.


The outcome of our work together resulted in a home that was unique and colorful! Through many iterations of cabinetry finish options, we landed on a burgundy glossy acrylic mixed with a matte gray acrylic that blended with the tiled backsplash, which blended between the colorful tones to the walnut in the dining and living rooms. We turned a hallway closet into a pantry for much needed food and appliance storage, and installed a wall oven and microwave to save much needed counter space. Additionally we reduced the refrigerator to 30” allowing us to create additional functional storage to one side.

In the master bathroom, since the bedroom remained open to the bathroom, we elected to splurge on a beautiful Ann Sacks tile with a palm leaf design that created a beautiful backdrop to look at from the bedroom. Walnut cabinetry was chosen for the vanity and a linen gray for the enclosed closet area. With some leftover palm leaf tile, my client elected to remodel the guest bath and use it for a tiled rug on the floor. By redesigning and updating all of the spaces, we created a cohesive concept throughout, which made for a relaxing and rejuvenating home that will bring joy every day.

  • During this time of pandemic, I am grateful every day for the beautiful, comfortable, and happy space that I have to hunker down in. I imagine how it would be before Melinda. I’m sure I would be cursing every time I had to get on my hands and knees to find a pan in the cupboard or reach for the shampoo in the misplaced shower niche, just to name a few of the frustrations prior to Melinda’s design prowess.