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University District Chiropractic Office


My client had just purchased and taken over this chiropractic office, when there was a major flood in the space. Our first meeting, the space had already been torn up, boxes were piled everywhere, and she was still trying to run her practice through all of it! While she had intended on revising the office because the colors were much too bold for a health clinic, she hadn’t quite bargained for this much work on such short notice. The benefit is that we didn’t have to work with anything that was existing and had a relatively clean slate to work with.


We toned down the bright orange, blues, and greens to a much subtler tone that was on brand for my client. We had a custom reception desk made and applied a custom piece of glass for added character, and installed new carpet, furniture and artwork.

Bright colors and clutter can be extremely jolting to an already over-reactive nervous system. The space now has a very calming feel and matches the work my client does to help calm her clients’ nervous system and bring them back into balance. Just by altering the colors, layout and flow to a space will do wonders for the body and it’s healing!