Update 1 – Telling Their Story – Lakeside Dream Home

Today marks the start of an exciting new project! I thought you might enjoy seeing the process from a designers point of view and how having a designer on your team can make all the difference. Here are a few details of the project…

Project: New Construction Home
Location: Lakefront Property in Washington
Style: Modern with touches of Asian accents
Scheduled Completion: June 2014

The client has hired me to help them see the bigger picture in their selections from exterior to interior. Today we selected a roof color, window pane color and potential exterior colors. When designing or remodeling it is important to recognize that everything matters in the end. And either god or the devil is in the details, depending on your perspective!

From your very first selection to your last. One informs the other. The decisions come fast and furious at this stage of the game and if you haven’t thought beyond your first selection you can end up feeling backed into a corner on your last selection. And as we all know, construction costs rarely go down with your decisions so it’s imperative that you understand the areas you will compromise on and where you are willing to invest more money to accomplish your dream house.

A good example… today we had to pick window pane colors (interior and exterior). We knew we wanted a dark bronze for the exterior and the interior. Well, turns out we can get the bronze exterior but with the bronze interior means a $20K upgrade! And the game begins. If you start upgrading, your costs go right out of the gate. What do you think will happen to the overall budget upon completion? That’s right, add a few more zeros! But if you start by looking at all of your finish options from the start, then we have the opportunity to make informed decisions and value engineer your project. Spend more here, save some there.

Knowledge is power. Whether you’re considering a remodel or new construction, consider hiring your design team all at once… architect, contractor and designer. You will save yourself money, time and lots of headaches down the road by doing so. Happy remodeling and stay tuned for more posts on this project!